A lifelong learner, I enjoy the new experiences each day of teaching brings. I love getting to know the unique talents, skills, needs, and motivation each student brings to the classroom. I continually assess and reshape my instruction to meet the individuals and environment through reflection, collaboration and best practice research.

After a rewarding first year of teaching full time, I'm looking forward to taking on the occasional role and increasing the breadth of my teaching experiences.

My teaching journey...

Although accepted to a school board for occasional positions immediately upon graduation, my certification was delayed due to significant pandemic-related backlogs. This prevented me from working with the school board and I started seeking alternative options.

As such, my first teaching role was created as a result of a family-led 'pod'. Six families formed a home school group with a total of nine students spanning five grade levels. This rather unusual circumstance required a great deal of adjustment for the students and myself, and was challenging to begin with. After a short time, we developed a productive routine and made significant progress by focusing on math, science and language arts.


From October 2021 until April 2022, we covered three science unit for each grade, two full math units (number sense and spatial sense), completed language arts and phys ed activities daily, and finally, wove visual arts, health, and social studies work through the week's activities.

Although classroom dynamics were challenging to manage at times, as was executing all curriculum planning without the ability to discuss plans and ideas with other teachers, it was also very rewarding to carry out a successful year and observe students demonstrating new skills and acquired knowledge through various assessments. Both parents and students regularly expressed their satisfaction with the degree of learning and variety of activities explored.


Although I remain open to new and exciting opportunities, it is generally my preference is to work in an 'occasional' capacity. This allows me the flexibility to arrange various priorities as needed.