Hello lovely.
Thank you for visiting, I'm delighted you've stopped by.

My passion for living my best life can't be contained, I'm driven to share.

Is that why you're here? To learn more? To level up your life?

Our lives are meant to be lived with robust, vibrant energy.
Each day that I wake, meditate, or do some yoga, I feel more vibrant, happy + inspired.

How about you?

Each day that I practice gratitude, my heart is fuller.

What's your mood like?

Each day that I use affirmations becomes a success.

Are you happy where you are?

Each day that I care for my body, the more vibrant and empowered I feel.

Have you reached your highest potential yet?

I think there's always room for improvement.

And I can feel that when I love myself, that energy that ripples through every aspect of our shared universe.

I show my body love with whole foods, healthy habits, and yep, even indulgences, because anything that makes us happy is healthy - in moderation.

My goal in life is feeling my best - mentally, emotionally, and physically.


My doTERRA oils, my supplements, and my primarily plant-based diet - these are my keys. If you're here, it's likely that some or all of this is resonating with you - but we don't have to be twinsies to be friends. In fact, we'll learn more from each other if we aren't the same.

What I know for sure is that
when we feel our best, we show up better for the moments and people we love. And that's worth every ounce of effort it takes to get there.

Everything we love and value in our life, everything that is important to us, gets more of us - the best of us - when we care for ourselves first. 

Some call this 'filling your cup'.

Everything I share, I share from my heart to yours.

Everything I shared, I've tried and lived myself first.

I was born with the gift of sharing things in a detailed and thorough manner ❤

Please know, I encourage thoughtful discussion and debate, and it's gotta be kind + friendly. With my deepest gratitude in return.

With love +

my deepest appreciation

                       ❤  Mel, xo