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The reason most people start out with the Top 10 Oils, is because they are the rock solid foundation from which we can build our healthiest, most natural lifestyle! 

No joke, if you never bought anything outside of these 10 oils, you + your family would be very well equipped to tackle any need, from pro-active healthcare, to providing targeted support for our body, to natural home cleaning AND natural personal care! How amazing is that?

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Why is the Natural Solutions Kit everyone's favourite?

Because it includes everything needed to instantly + easily, TRANSFORM your home into a clean, natural + healthy living space.

And yes, that includes the Top 10 oils!! The other most popular oils + oil packed goodies, like the OnGuard Beadlets, LLV - the most amazing + complete supplement line, incredible pre+probiotics, digestive enzymes, carrier oil, natural toothpaste, natural foaming hand wash...are all included.

Oh my word do we ever get spoiled.

If you feel your oil journey would serve you best by starting with a personalized combo of oils at wholesale price,

that's still great. You still get 25% off with a membership, no minimums or monthly orders required!


With any Enrolment Kit or personalized combo of oils with a membership, you have the option to save up to 55% plus all of your shipping dollars with the insanely amazing Loyalty Rewards Program.  

BONUS: Every Enrolment Kit includes a Wholesale Membership. If you're selecting your own, individual oils, just make sure to choose the wholesale option. You'll still have access to the LRP program (where you save up to 55%) but you'll pay the yearly membership fee the first time, and receive a bottle of Peppermint (a $27 value!).