Lucky 13 is here to calm any discord and restore harmony. Ok, so maybe your partner won't let you roll essential oil over his/her pulse points while she's fuming, so be creative...roll it on yourself and give your partner a hug. Hold them for a few seconds and let them breathe in the calming aromas of clove bud, frankincense and lemon. 


Isn't make up sex the best?

Kiss n Make Up

  • 10mL frosted glass roller bottle.


    Directions: If you're partner is willing, have them roll the ball over their pulse points (temples, wrists, back of neck). If that isn't going to happen, apply it to these areas on yourself, and wrap them in a soothing embrace for a few seconds. Linger to let them really breathe in the calming aromas. Watch them calm down before your eyes.


    Ingredients: dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, fractionated coconut oil. 

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