This aroma is an insanely enchanting blend that delights the senses and put you in the frame of mind to get down and get busy with your bad self!


This is the same CPTG essential oil blend that is used in our diffuser blend, this aroma will linger on your skin throughout your encounter. Though, you'll likely forget that very soon after you've applied'll be too preoccupied with other fun & exciting things.

Mood Maker

  • 10mL frosted glass roller bottle with discreet label.


    Directions: Apply to pulse points (temples, wrists), back of neck and/or feet prior to intimate encounter. Allow your partner to experience the aromas as you draw them in close, and they'll experience the aromatic benefits as well. Bonus points if you help them apply to their  pulse points.


    Ingredients: dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil, fractionated coconut oil.