Essential Oils + Beer

There's a lot of buzz about Essential Oils these days. To some it may seem like the latest craze or trend, but those of us who have experienced the power of pure, 'therapeutic' grade Essential Oils, can't stop talking about how amazing they are!

Right off the bat, to those who are thinking something along the lines of: "Well, they work because you think/want them to work!"... I say this: I have countless friends who purchased the same brand of oils that I use. Many of them made remarks like "Omg, [insert husband/fiancé's name] is going to kill me for spending this/buying this" etc. Fast forward 2-4 weeks.

It is an incredibly wonderful feeling to have these hubbies (or soon to be hubbies) exclaim (without any prompting or digging) - how much they love the oils. The inward gratification and outward smile is massive. My one friend's husband, Drew, looked at me over beers after our volleyball game and said (verbatim): "Melanie, I just want to thank you for introducing Sarah to these oils. They are amazing."

I almost spit my beer out. Talk about awesome. And these guys aren't alone. Countless men are jumping on the oil train. And do you know why? It's because they work. These men have nothing invested in these oils. They don't care if they work. The reason they come to trust and believe in them, and ask for them to cure what ails them - is simply, because they've seen first hand that they are effective.

So, I ordered another Corona, dropped in doTERRA Lime Essential Oil, and enjoyed the evening, laughing with good friends.

Mel, xo

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