Powerful Immune Support, Naturally

Cold, Flu, Viruses, Bacteria, Infections, ugh.

We do not have to accept these nasty inconveniences as a part of life. It is possible to reduce our susceptibility and increase our immune response without resorting to synthetic over-the-counter remedies. Mother Nature does not create any problems that she also does not create solutions for.

My natural immune system support has evolved over the years. Some college roommates introduced me to honey + lemon + ginger tea, which feels amazing when you're sick. I began to use fresh ginger and boil it, instead of powder. Nothing feels better on a sore throat than warm honey, lemon, ginger tea.

Then, in the corporate world, a co-worker and mentor introduced me mega-dosing vitamin-C (5,000mg AM and PM), at the first signs and symptoms.

I graduated to eating 3-4 cloves of raw garlic when I got a scratchy throat. This is highly effective, and fabulous if you never plan to interact with any human being while doing so. The garlic literally seeps out of your pores. Can you imagine how awesome that was when I traveled to England to be in my friend's wedding and was doing this? "I promise I won't eat any more garlic until after the wedding!"

Echinacae, elderberry syrup, St John's Wort, I tried many things from the health food store. Eventually, I found Oil of Oregano. That worked pretty well too.

But let me share with you the powerhouse tools that transformed my entire life, and allowed me to leave all of those somewhat helpful, but still getting sick remedies in the dust...

Enter, doTERRA Essential Oils.

Essential Oils; Nature's Powerhouse

There are so many essential oils that support our immune system, but first, let me mention THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in choosing an essential oil to support your health in therapeutic ways:


The quality of the essential oils your choose will be directly related to the results you have. Read that sentence 3 times over.

I promise you - pinky swear - that you are unlikely to see ANY results if you're using essential oils from anyone other than doTERRA.

You can see the research summary from Roseman University here, where they provide definitive (fully independent) proof that doTERRA essential oils were the ONLY brand of essential oils to 'induce therapeutically-relevant signaling pathways in cell growth and rejuvenation, metabolic health, and healthy inflammatory responses.'

Wash Your Hands

It sounds simple because it is. Get into the habit of washing your hands. Frequently.

Every time you enter your house

Before every time you eat (including snacks!)

Minimizing your exposure by reducing the number of ways you may come into contact with viruses and bacteria is an essential part of supporting your immune system. Let's not stress it any more than we have to. Nature (or genetics), will always provide us with the ability to test it, whether we want to or not. Minimizing the frequency with which our immune system has to kick into high gear reserves our body's resources for other precious activities and enjoyments.

For optimal health and well being, be conscious of the kind of soap you're using. Synthetically scented and chemically-laden soaps (with ingredients like parabens, SLS, triclosan) are typically what grocery stores, big box stores, drug stores, and chains like Body Shop, Bath + Body Works, Yankee Candle type stores carry. A better alternative is a simple, natural soap like castille soap, pure glycerin soap, or home made versions that you can scent with your own high quality essential oils (see below for recipes).

Antibacterial soaps cause bacterial resistant and are responsible for creating 'super-bugs' that are resistant to antibiotics. Avoid them. Make your own or choose a responsible alternative.

Eat Well, Eat Smart

Supporting our immune system really starts with our diet. We want to provide our body with as much support as we can, especially when we aren't sick! This improves our body's ability to maintain strong health and ward of infections and disease more easily when they do arise. If your meals are comprised mainly of foods that look like the did when they were born (ie. they don't come with an ingredients label), then you're on the whole foods health track. Yay!

If you're being real and honest with yourself in rating your diet as 'pretty awesome', and you're still feeling some issues within, it may be time to check out another avenue. Your sleep quality, stress level, level of self-care, exercise regimen, or emotional/mental health, they all need to be inventoried by you, and a medical professional if necessary. My amazing N.D. took inventory of all of these factors (and much more) when we first met. This tells me she had a full understanding of where me + my body were coming from before she starting customizing healing protocols specific to my needs.

Love Your Gut!

A vibrant and healthy gut flora is to eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Recent studies show that the variety of the foods eaten influence the diversity of our good gut flora, with a higher diversity representing stronger and more resilient systems, along with a decrease in diseases like diabetes and IBS.

Make no mistake, we'll always be exposed to and coming into contact with harmful pathogens. Our immune system will never go dormant. It will just be strong and ready to rock when we need it. If our immune system is strong and resilient, we won't even know that we've come into contact with the vast majority of pathogens we meet daily.

The vast majority of our digestive system resides in our gut and intestinal pathway. In fact, we now know that the microbes in our gut outnumber our human cells by more than 10 times! We are literally walking bacteria residences. This is a good thing, trust me. The are good microflora that help us maintain good physical health. We are now starting to find out that a healthy gut also dramatically influences our mental and emotional state.

Utilizing a high quality pre + probiotic is a vital step in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Digestive enzymes are also a top shelf choice to ensure your stomach can work with ease. When it comes to your health, don't cheap out. You can't expect high quality results with bargain basement prices. It doesn't matter what the sales pitch is telling you; if you want quality, pay for it.

Replace Toxic Cleaners with Natural / Homemade Cleaners

Essential oils have blown up in popularity recently because, well, they're so darn useful. We want antibacterial protection, but we don't want chemicals. Solution? Expensive 'natural' or organic products (many of which are merely 'greenwashed' and not even natural), or inexpensive, natural products that you make in your home for cents per refill. You could easily make one or two products and clean your whole house with them. My mains are All-Purpose Cleaner & Bathroom Cleaner. The floor cleaner is so easy I just make it in the sink right then and there. If you've been looking for a specific type of natural recipe that's not listed, message me, I'll hook you up.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Air Purifiers

Bathroom Cleaner

Carpet Dust (before vacuuming)

Carpet Stain Remover

Counter Cleaner

Dish Soap

Floor Cleaner

Hand Soap (Foaming)

Laundry Detergent

Mattress Dust

Other sources of toxins in your life: air 'fresheners' (sprays + wax melts), processed foods, personal care products, non-organic produce has some toxins. (Even organic has a tiny bit.) Diffusers are a great alternative to those nasty airborne products. You can make or buy our own personal care products. Replacing even one product a week (or a month) will create a huge impact in your life over the course of just one year.

The Role Toxins Play

Our bodies have evolved to eliminate toxins via the kidney + liver, and it does a fantastic job under normal conditions. The fact that we can expose our body's to thousands toxins and they keep working, only wearing down slowly over time, is a testament to the magnificent vessels we were given. The reality is, however, that the more we ask of these systems, the more we abuse them, the less we support them, the weaker they become. The less we ask of them, the more we support them, the stronger and more vibrant health they remain, the better they are able to serve our systems.

Toxins interfere with our body's ability to communicate amongst itself. They effectively block receptors and prevent the sending or receiving of signals from other parts of the body. The more this happens, the larger our health issues become. You can learn more about how essential oils work in the body to eliminate toxins and clear an protect these pathways.

Our body systems need to work in harmony with each other. They need to be on the same page. If they can't connect, there will be chaos. Anything we can do to minimize the toxic load on our body's systems, the better. I'm not saying we have to fix it all immediately. The goal is progress, not perfection. If you can move the needle in each area a little here and there, by the end of one year you will have made giant strides! It's a difference we can truly feel.

I'm a firm believer that most people have no idea how amazing they could feel on a daily basis. This is one of those things we truly have to see to believe. Sure, change can be tricky, but this is absolutely a case of short term 'pain' for long term super gains.

When we are kind to ourselves, our body, mind and soul thank us in so many ways.

Mel, xo

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* All statements are my own, not endorsed by any organization or institution.

** Please take care to note: I'm not a health care practitioner. I'm simply sharing the experiences and results I've had on my personal, natural health and healing journey. You should always consult a trusted health care practitioner for advice specific to your body, well being, and needs.

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