'Bulletproof' Latté + Cinnamon Essential Oil

The addition of Cinnamon Bark essential oil to my version of 'Bulletproof' Coffee inspired the Bulletproof Latté.

Coffee used to be avoided in our house. Even though we love the gifts of focus and energy it bestows upon us. We didn't want to find ourselves 'needing' it.

Bulletproof coffee has gotten a lot of attention lately, with many people thinking it's pretty gross to add butter and coconut oil to their coffee... Then they try it and discover it's actually ridiculously delicious and luxurious in a very satisfying way.

I'm not going to play it down: My take on this coffee is luscious. The coconut oil and ghee help prevent jitters while still providing razor sharp focus. Also, it is even more ridiculously delicious than you could imagine. Of course I want to drink it all the time. But I don’t. Because I'm a glutton for punishment.

Now, we are legitimate coffee snobs in this house. When I make coffee, I start with whole beans. Carefully ponder and discuss the proper grind size. Weigh my filtered, remineralized water and specially selected organic beans. And rgind them just before I’m about to brew a batch in the French press. It is, admittedly, a little short of insanity. But, come for coffee one day and I promise I'll ruin your Starbucks obsession forever.

If I forget to warm up the French press first, I toss the grinds and start again. After chastising myself for being so incredibly foolish.

Just kidding.

Did you know that coffee, once ground, loses most of it’s flavor within 20 minutes? Taking an extra 30 seconds to grind them each time helps me feel like I'm fully enjoying the artisanal beans I invested my life savings in. Who knew you needed to write a blog post about coffee to discover how deeply pretentious you are.

Coffee (like tea) is also disturbingly high in pesticides (such as glyphosate). If I'm going to drink it, I do care about gulping a few less toxins in my mug. That's just me. I realize it probably won't guarantee that I live to be 147, but I can try.


+ fresh brewed coffee (organic?)

+ milk (dairy, non-dairy, you do you)

+ maple syrup

+ 1 heaping teaspoon of organic coconut oil

+ 1 teaspoon organic ghee

this is a clarified butter - a high quality ingredient that has had

milk solids removed, so it’s only the fat/oil of the butter)

+ 1-2 drops dōTERRA Cinnamon Bark* essential oil

OR dōTERRA Cassia essential oil**

* If it's your first time using dōTERRA Cinnamon Bark or Cassia internally, try a toothpick swirl to test for your own sensitivity level. I can handle 2 drops without a problem, yet my girlfriend found 1 drop was pretty tingly. Determine your own comfort level by starting with less and adding more as desired.

** The spice commonly sold on the shelf as 'cinnamon' is actually cassia - a closely related, but less expensive relative. As such, Cassia essential oil may be closer to what you expect 'cinnamon' to taste like.

Bulletproof Latté Directions

Combine all of these ingredients in your blender. Whirr until you see it get frothy! How simple is that?

I'd love to hear how much you love this coffee and what you do to make this recipe your own!

Let me know what you think.

Mel, xo

...nope. not my actual coffee... what i aspire to have my coffee look like...

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