Tabbouleh with Essential Oils

Tabbouleh with an incredibly tasty twist.

Scale this recipe up (double it!), because it goes SUPER fast. Like, it rarely even makes it to the fridge. Unless Lui is begging me to save him some because he isn't home. Then I try to save some. But it's really really hard.

I crave parsley on the regular, and this is my go-to fave dish for some fresh, ultra healthy greens. I especially love it after a hot yoga session. My guess is, my body loves me extra good if I help support it's detox.

I've tried a lot of Tabbouleh's in my day. It's really fun to try a tabbouleh dish at a new restaurant or a friend's house, because everyone makes them completely different. And chances are, if you loved it the first time you tried it - THAT first recipe will be the standard you measure all others against. That's how ti was for me, and that recipe (Armenian style) is the basis for my take here. I hope you enjoy!

Note: You must use essential oils that are specifically labelled as safe to ingest.


+ 1 bunch of fresh curly parsley (when it’s washed and had big stems removed, you’ll have about 3 cups loosely packed. don’t worry to much about exact quantities here, and those little bunches explode once they’re unpacked!)

+ 1 sweet or yellow onion (if you sweet onion is large, maybe only use half)

+ 1 fresh tomato (fresh from the garden is best, ANY variety will do. if you’re using roma’s you’ll want 2, and grape/cherry tomatoes, a whole container)

+ 1-2 lemons


+ paprika (smoked or regular)

+ pink himalayan sea salt

+ fresh ground pepper if desired

+ dōTERRA Spearmint essential oil

Make 1 cup (dry) of your protein choice ahead of time. Traditionally, Lebanese use bulgur wheat. Tt’s cheap, yum and good for protein, but we’ve been omitting wheat lately, and using quinoa, which is a fabulous alternative. I’ve also used millet, which works nicely but is not my fave. Hemp seeds are amazing too and they save you all the prep for this step. If you cook your protein, let it cool off ro around temp before mixing into the salad. You’ll probably have extra to use for something else later, but I always make extra just in case the parsley bunch ends up being extra big or something.


  1. Chop all of the parsley relatively fine. You want to cut up the curly bits so they no longer look like whole pieces. stop when it’s a medium-fine shred.

  2. Chop your onion into small bits.

  3. Chop your tomato. I eat the seeds because they add a lot of moisture, but you can include the liquidy parts in your salad if you want!

  4. Get your dressing ready. I like to marinate the onions in the dressing. No idea why. Not essential probably. Juice your lemons by hand or with the squisher thing. You want a LOT of lemon juice (or, at least, I do). I add my salt to the lemon juice, I feel like it dissolves better). I also like a healthy amount of salt. Then I add a bit of olive oil, maybe a tablespoon or two, depending on how juicy them lemons were. Then I add about 3 drops of dōTERRA Spearmint oil, and I use a fork to emulsify that mixture. I also add my paprika to the dressing as well. Pepper too, if you’re using it.

  5. Throw all of your salad ingredients into the bowl and give 'em a stir. (parsley, tomato, onion, protein of choice, e.g. quinoa). Eye out the quantities, let it look balanced, without anything looking too overpowering.

  6. Pour that delicious dressing all over it. You really can’t have too much. The parsley absorbs a lot I think, as will your protein, unless its the hemp seeds. If you feel like it’s not juicy enough, taste it, and make another batch of dressing if you want :)

Now that I've typed this out, I'm craving it! Looks like I know what I'm having for dinner! I’d love to hear your take on this recipe!

Mel, xo

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