The Ultimate Skunk Remedy: For Dogs

I've been pretty lucky during my life as a companion to the funnest, furriest pup around; I've never had to clean skunk spray from my girl.

Maddie has had close encounters with quite a few skunks, but somehow, she's never gotten sprayed. We're talkin, face-to-face encounters where the tail on the skunk was raised and bum pointed to us, yet...nothing.

Why has Maddie been so lucky? Last night, the last two nights, actually, I've been given a glimpse into why Maddie has been spared, while her sister, the younger, Coconut, faired less well during her first (two) encounters with skunks, now back to back.

Close to midnight two nights ago, Maddie came inside and I didn't realize Coconut was still outside. When she barked to come in, I got a whiff of what was going on outside. HOLY SMOKES was the skunk smell strong. Hah! Little did I know that was NOTHING compared to how badly Coconut reeked. If you've never had the pleasure of experiencing this, I'll share this - at it's worst, skunk smell smells nothing like skunk. It in fact, smells like someone is burning a pile of tired right under your nose. It's atrocious. Absolutely putrid.

So, as I yelled for my partner, Lou, to take Coconut into the bathroom so I could mix up a solution to clean her with, I also tied a hand towel around my face - balaclava style - because I just couldn't stand to keep breathing it in.

Here's the solution I mixed up for Lou to was Coconut (a 3 year old Boston Terrier)

Best Recipe to Remove Skunk Spray from Dog

Wow, does this formula work WONDERS!! When I was a kid, our family dog got sprayed once or twice. I remember having to live with that smell in our house for a week. And once, Taffy took some spray up the nose! You could smell it for months when he gave you a kiss.

Coconut seemed to have gotten some of the skunk's spray in her eyes - they were red for a short time - but we didn't have any saline solution to flush them with. So we had to leave it. The rest of her Lou carefully rubbed down with the recipe mixture shown above, taking lots of time and extra care to wipe down the areas between and around her eyes and nose. We only applied this recipe to the areas of her body where there is hair - so not in her eyes, nose, or ears. We recommend you follow this guideline as well. Essential oils can be irritating if applied directly on mucous membranes in the eyes, ears and nose, so please take care when using this recipe.

We also moved her to the bathroom with the tub and kept the door closed while we were washing her. This made a huge difference in containing the smell. We also diffused Purify immediately and for an hour after to completely eliminate the lingering odors once Coconut was clean.

When I first began using Certified Pure Therapeutic GradeEssential Oils, I built up my collection pretty quickly by placing monthly orders and using the loyalty points for free oils. I just wanted to have every single on of them, so that I always had what I needed on hand whenever a situation arose. This was one of those times that I was immensely grateful to have exactly what I needed on hand - to both help our pup and ourselves from the awful stench of those cute little skunks.

Have you tried this recipe before with or without Purify?

What tips or tricks do you have for handling this situation?

Mel, xo

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