How to Create Your Own (amazing!) Essential Oil Blends

One of the things I've noticed in working with hundreds of people, teaching them how to use essential oils, is a lack of confidence in trying new things out, especially if there's not a guide or recipe to follow. This is totally normal and completely understandable; I started out at this place too. My precious starter kit sat largely untouched for weeks because I didn't know what to do with it. But as my knowledge grew, I became confident to start trying things out, whether I had a recipe to follow or not.

My personal essential oil use reflects my life. I make a lot of my decisions based on the knowledge I've collected from reliable, credible sources, and then I use my intuition and logic to guide me. When the basic safety precautions are followed, there is really very little that can go wrong, as from maybe not loving a blend you create.

At first, you may start by 'tweaking' recipes you find to suit your preferences. I do this with every single recipe I follow when making food. 'Rules' are meant to be broken, right? As you begin to experiment with moving beyond recipes and getting more creative, you'll find that you really do have all of the information you need to make solid choices. Or, you know where to look to find that information.

There are some very basic guidelines to follow when you want to create your own essential oil blend, and they're simple, clear and precise. Yay!


The key to blending successfully lies in classifying your essential oils according to the aromatic profiles they possess. For the most part, they fall neatly into one of these 3 categories. There are a few that can be classified in two ways, which is really awesome when you have limited variety in your oils, or when you really want to include an oil that's not really fitting into the base blending model.

So, here they are, take note of the kinds of oils in each category and what they smell and feel like...where are the woody oils, where are the citrus? Mmmhhmm! ;)

And then those ones that are both a base and a middle, or a middle and a top.

The fun part about having these oils that fall into two categories, is that YOU get to choose how to assign them. Woot wooot! This is really helpful at times.

Next, simply follow the blending procedures to select your oils, and decide how much of each oil to add to your blend. These ratios are based on mixing the blend in a 10mL roller bottle (or, with 10mL of total liquid, including your carrier oil).

I like to lay out all of my single oils before I begin these steps. It's important to follow your intuition, and let yourself be supported in selecting the oils for your blend. I believe we're drawn to the oils we most need, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. By letting our heart guide us, we come out of our head and can prevent over-thinking things.


Identify your desired outcome. What purpose are you creating this blend for?

Is it intended to support a physical ailment? Are you hoping to support your emotional or mental needs? Perhaps you're creating a manifestation board and you want a blend to anchor the experience. Whatever your desired intention, let your heart explore and setting on it, asking for guidance in creating the blend that is going to serve you best.


Sample the scent profiles of your oils. Perhaps you're a seasoned essential oil user, and you can recall the aromas of the oils simply by thinking about them, looking at them, or picking up the bottle. In that case, you'll move through this step more quickly. If you're just beginning your oil journey, take the time to pick up, open and inhale the oils you are feeling drawn to. It's not necessary to smell them all. And, if you feel like you might want some coffee beans handy to refresh your palate during this step, feel welcome to include them.


Select 1 base note oil.

Select 2-3 middle note oils.

Select 1 top note oil.


Create a blend totaling 15-20 drops. Here are some exact ratios to help guide you.

When I'm making various things with essential oils, I don't worry if an extra drop slips out. When creating your own blend however, it will make a difference. You may want to use a dropper for the blending part, as one extra drop can really throw off your blend. This is one area where precision will produce the best results.

Example A

base note oil: + 3 drops

middle note oil: + 3 drops

middle note oil: + 4 drops

top note oil: + 5 drops

* for a stronger aroma, add one additional drop of each oil, for a total of 19 drops.

Example B

base note oil: + 4 drops

middle note oil: + 2 drops

middle note oil: + 2 drops

middle note oil: + 3 drops

top note oil: + 4 drops

* for a stronger aroma, add one additional drop of each oil, or a total of 20 drops.

Mix all of the oils together in your 10mL roller bottle (or 10mL container of choice) and top with your carrier oil. Fractionated coconut oil is the most common and easily found, but jojoba, grapeseed and sweet almond oil are lovely as well. If you're makinga blend for your face, I'd recommend sweet almond.

THAT'S IT! You've officially created your very own, unique and personalized aroma! WELL DONE!

Maybe you want to create your own awesome vinyl label to adorn your new, beautiful blend? Feel free to message me and I'll hook you up :)

My word for 2018 is 'magic', and I created this blend to go along with my manifestation board in a workshop I co-hosted with the beautiful Kimberley of Retroscripts. My blend shown above consists of sandalwood (4d), manuka (4d), white fir (3d), helichrysum (2d), and litsea (5d). Each of these oils hold special spiritual meaning for me, and I crave the aroma held within this bottle. It gives me instant clarity, calmness, reassurance, healing and purification.

We'd love to hear about the blends you're creating. Feel welcome to share your blend creations with our community!

Mel, xo

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