Top 5 Essential Oils for Work

5 Best Essential Oils for Work

Whether we want to out perform our competition or simply need to overcome a sluggish day, getting a hold of some high quality essential oils can give us the boost in clarity and performance we're all searching for.

Essential oils provide unparalleled support for the body and mind, while improving overall health – at a cellular level. There is no ‘cost’ when using an oil to support our performance. In fact, these powerful, volatile liquids create immense benefit within the body, enhancing our energy, focus and stamina, as well as clearing our body’s communication pathways (cellular receptors) every time we smell, taste or massage them into our body.

If this sounds too good to be true, it may be a sign you have yet to use a high quality essential oil. Gone are the days when we lit a candle and poured artificially scented liquid to fill the room. High quality essential oils are not sold on Walmart, grocery store, or natural/health food store shelves.

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Few things are as invigorating as peppermint. Like a cold burst of water on our face, this is an excellent oil to begin our day with. If you wake before daylight, work shifts or have a demanding or ever-changing schedule, this oil will quickly become your best friend. Early wake ups get so much easier when you have peppermint essential oil.

Peppermint is a fantastic oil to combat the mid day lull too. Instead of reaching for yet another coffee, grab a bottle of peppermint and perform the ‘1 to 3’ technique. I gave this to a friend once while working in a finance position. She was feeling the mid-day lull, bigtime. I offered her a drop of Peppermint in her palm, and walked her through the ‘1 to 3’. “Touch the oil in your palm, then dab to the roof of your mouth. Rub the rest between your hands. Massage the back of your neck, and then make a ‘scent tent’ around your nose, inhaling a few times, very deeply.” A few minutes later she came back to my office and said: “That really worked!”. I smiled. Of course it did! I knew it would. It has helped me countless times.

HOW: The method I walked my co-worker through allowed her to experience the essential oil in all 3 ways: internally, topically, and aromatically. Peppermint oil can be used topically on your neck, temples and back for immediate cooling and invigorating effects. It can be used aromatically – in a diffuser or from the palms of your hands. When you have the highest quality essential oils, you can also use them internally.

Do not ingest any oil that does not specifically suggest this use on the label.

PRO TIP: Combine Peppermint with Wild Orange in any application method to increase energy and uplift your mood. All citrus oils lift our mood. OR add a drop of Frankincense to supercharge the effects and support cellular health.


Staying focused during the average workday gets harder every day. Trying to focus can feel like chasing a unicorn; we know it exists, but we just can’t seem to find it. With 1001 distractions, and interruptions every 5 minutes, when closing our door isn’t enough, and shutting electronics off isn’t a practical option, using a precise blend of essential oils designed to support our brain’s ability to focus is a wise option.

Served in a handy roller ball, this blend of Amyris, Pathcouli, Frankincense, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Roman Chamomile enhances and sustains our sense of focus, and supports our efforts to stay on track throughout a busy day. It has an earthy, spicy, musky aroma that can be rather strong at first smell. A little really does go a long way. It’s best to dilute this blend with fractionated coconut oil – a coconut oil that is very light, liquid at room temperature, and absorbs quickly into our skin. As the essential oils absorb into our skin, the aroma fades, but the effects last for up to a few hours. With essential oils, the rule of thumb is: less oils, more frequently.

HOW: A quick roll over your forehead, the back of your neck, your temples, your wrists (or your feet in the morning if you find the aroma too powerful) is all that’s needed.

The added benefit to all of these oils, is that as you use them – the people around you get a boost from their aromatic benefits as well.

PRO TIP: Pour half of a bottle of InTune into a second 10mL roller bottle and top with fractionated coconut oil. This stretches out the essential oil blend and makes it less intrusive aromatically.


I’m not sure I’ve ever met a person that’s said: “My memory is amazing and near infallible.” If I don’t write something down or put a reminder + alarm on my phone, I too often forget. Fortunately, this muscle gets stronger with practice, much like our intuition.

With naturally occurring stimulants, Rosemary is a highly effective tool that supports memory, while improving brain function and combating mental fatigue.

I’m sometimes asked whether eating the plants that essential oils are made from will produce the same effects. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Essential oils are so potent and concentrated, it takes several pounds of freshly harvested plant material to create one bottle of essential oil, and the amount of plant material is different for each essential oil. Having said that, any addition of more fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs to our diet is a good thing.

HOW: If your workplace will allow it, diffusing Rosemary gives everyone the option of benefitting from the inviting, refreshing aroma. If that’s not an option, add 25 drops of CPTG Rosemary essential oil to a 10mL roller bottle, then fill to the top with fractionated coconut oil (FCO). Apply the roller ball mixture under your nose and across your forehead. The back of your neck and wrists work well too.

The aromatic pathway is the fastest route to effect change in our bodies. Anytime I apply an essential oil to my wrists, I take a moment to deeply inhale the aroma at least 3 times, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the oil.

PRO TIP: Add 15 drops of CPTG Lemon essential oil to the roller bottle recipe above to benefit from stress relieving and mood lifting properties. OR Add 10 drops of CPTG Lime essential oil to your Rosemary roller bottle for additional memory support, mental clarity, and energy.


No one can perform at peak physical and mental ability while sick, and being sick simply sucks. OnGuard is known as the ‘protective blend’, and kicks ass when it comes to eradicating the ‘environmental threats’ that take down our immune system. Cold and flu bugs don’t stand a chance when this oil is used proactively – meaning, used before we get sick – to prevent becoming sick.

HOW: The most effective way to target environmental, airborne threats, is to diffuse this essential oil blend at home in the mornings, after work, or during the day if it’s an option in your work space. You can also make a roller bottle with 25 drops of OnGuard in a 10mL roller bottle and top with FCO. Apply it to your feet every morning and night. It’s a good practice to do this for your kids as well, making sure to cut the number of drops in half; use 12 drops of OnGuard in a 10mL roller bottle topped with FCO. Kids respond incredibly well to essential oils, and keeping them healthy is always a huge win for the entire family.

PRO TIP: If you catch a cold, try making the ‘flu bomb’ roller bottle, for which the adult recipe combines 16 drops of OnGuard, 11 drops of Oregano, 11 drops of Lemon and 8 drops of Tea Tree / Melaleuca. Roll this on the bottom of your feet and make a ‘W’ on your throat several times a day. Continue this for at least two days after symptoms decrease to prevent the illness from returning.


Getting a good night’s sleep is as much a part of a successful workday as eating well. If our body doesn’t rest, our brain can’t flush out built up toxins. This means despite our best efforts, we’ll not be performing our best, regardless of our efforts.

The effects of sleep deprivation compound over time. Missing a good night’s sleep here and there is no big deal, but chronic sleep issues are worth the time and attention it takes to rectify them. Often, the solution is as simple as implementing sleep hygiene patterns, creating supportive nightly routines (drink calming teas, download your thoughts on paper, read a book) and pair these habits with highly potent essential oils.

HOW: Serenity is best used in the diffuser and on the bottoms of your feet. Start your diffuser 10-15 minutes before you retire to your bedroom, giving the room a chance to fill with the aromatic compounds. If applying to your feet (these 2 methods are even more pwoerful when combined), it’s helpful to pre-make a roller ball with fractionated coconut oil and Vetiver to speed and ease application.

If you’ve been dealing with chronic sleep issues for years, it can be helpful to use dōTERRA’s natural Serenity capsules in conjunction with the oil on your feet. Essential oils help our brain form new connections and pathways, so it isn’t something you’ll need to take forever, nor is it addictive.

PRO TIP: Combine Serenity in the diffuser and on your feet for an excellent night’s sleep. If you don’t love the smell of Serenity in the diffuser, add Lavender, Cedarwood or Vetiver to the diffuser instead. Set up a routine that includes top-notch ‘sleep hygiene’ habits for optimal results.


Listening to our body is the most important thing we can do for our overall health and wellness. Our body speaks to us constantly, whether we’re listening or not. By choosing to respond to our body’s signs + signals, we actually create more space for productivity and efficiency.

Running on empty may sometimes feel like the only way to get things done, but the most successful and productive people understand that in order to perform at their best, they’ve got to feel their best. And that is something only you have control over. Take control over your own health and well being, and watch every other area of your life improve as well. Naturally.

What other work hacks that help you feel your absolute best?

Mel, xo

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Melanie Castrucci has a B.Sc. in Psychology, nearing completion of her Aromatherapy Health Professional Certification. She is a Health Coach and Natural Wellness advocate, specializing in essential oils, reducing toxic load, and plant-based nutrition.

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