Summer of Health | Essential Oil Class Series

9 - Week Series Featuring New Topics Each Week

My team decided to take advantage of the summer months, all the good vibes, more free time, and wonderful warmth to offer 9 weeks of different themed classes.

Each week we will bring you a different offering, complete with a beautiful essential oil product to take home related to that week's topic. Join us for just 1 week, 2 weeks or many weeks (discounts for multiple attendances!) Most events will take place at the beautiful {pocket}Change space, downtown St. Catharines, unless otherwise noted. All within the Niagara Region.

We chose topics relevant to how to live our best lives, feeling healthy and vibrant, full of energy, loving and honouring the bodies we are in!

Ok, without further ado, here is our lineup! Space is extremely limited, so please click the bold title to save your space.

* Some Registration pages are still being added, to get on the list before the event is live, email us ASAP.

(We will be in touch with your discount rate if you register for more than one class! :)

Wednesday July 3rd | Sexy Summer Skin

Get your summer glow on! Try dōTERRA's entire Veráge skin care line, plus the Reveal Facial System (Exfoliator + Peptide Activator), and finish with a beautiful, simple hand spa. These products are bursting with dōTERRA essential oils, are all natural, and of course, smell ah-mazing!

* Take home your choice of Geranium Face Love Toner or Zit Zapper Roller Ball.

Wednesday July 11th | Summer Essentials

Summertime is the best time of the year! The sun, the sand, the fun, our family and friends. We love nothing more than savouring every minute together. This class is designed to ensure that nothing takes away from that fun. Because sunburns, bug bites, ticks, mosquitoes, cuts, bruises and upset bellies are no fun! With our Summer Essentials kit, you'll have every single tool you need to breeze through the summer, naturally and all smiles!

* Take home your choice of Tick Spray or After Sun Spray.

Monday July 16th | Oils for Mom, Kids and Babies

Mama, we've been there. In the thick of the screaming, crying, sick, poopy messes. We were looking for easier and safer solutions to deal with the small and not-so-small issues that come with motherhood. It's so not easy. We get it. Sadly, there's no 'magic wand'. BUT, there are roller balls to swipe and oils to diffuse. And really, they make a HUGE difference. We want to share with you what has worked for us. The tried-and-true ways that we use oils in our home and daily life to support a happier and healthier way of living. We know they work, and we want to give you the opportunity to experience it too.

* Take home your choice of Tummy Tamer, No Colds Immunity or Teething Roller Ball Blends, or No Tears Owie Spray (it really works!)

Wednesday July 25th | Cooking with Essential Oils

Ready to experience a whole new world of flavour? We are cooking to delight your taste buds with all of our best essential oil recipes. Put your feet up, grab a napkin, and relax. We are doing all the work for you! These are tried, tested and true recipes that are sure to delight, and maybe a few to surprise you too! All recipes are Vegan + Gluten Free!

* The food is your gift here!! We promise you'll love every bite.

Wednesday August 1st | Health for Her

Thriving natural health for goddesses! From hormonal issues to managing our ever-changing and roller coaster emotions, we've got the natural tools to support your needs. These powerhouse recipes combined with healthy habits will center you, inspire peace and healing within. Bring your questions! We are all a little different, as much as we are the same, and we want you to experience personalized answers to all of your questions.

* Take home your choice of Serenity, Balance, or Clary Calm Roller Ball Blend.

Wednesday August 8th | Pets n Oils

While we couldn't like without our essential oils, many of us are still unsure of how, when and whether to use them with our furry friends. With so much misinformation permeating the internet, with this as with nearly every subject, we want to bring you the most current and up-to-date information on how to safely and effectively use essential oils for your fur babies, if and when it is necessary. We'll also talk about which essential oils to avoid, and why.

* Take home your choice of Tick Spray or Calming Spray

Wednesday August 15th | Green Cleaning with Oils

Special guest appearance by Norwex! Honestly, our oils are the basis of our natural cleaning routines in our homes, but they are fully complemented by the wonderful products that Norwex offers. We'll share how we save a ton of time and money cleaning with oils and our much-loved Envirocloth products. Complete household recipe guide provided.

* Take home your choice of All-Purpose Surface Spray or Toilet Bombs!

Wednesday August 22nd | Back to School

Before you know it, it's that time again. A new school year, and we want this one to be your healthiest, happiest school year ever! Can you imagine a school year with no sick days? Believe it, because it does exist. This is something we know to be true because we've experienced it, in households with multiple kids, and all different age groups. Come, learn our secrets and the powerful natural tools we use to make each school yea better than the last.

* Take home your choice of Lice Spray or No Colds Immunity Roller Ball

Wednesday August 29th | Yoga + Oils

Yoga in the Park! Complete with the most beautiful essential oil blends to calm, ground, relax, invigorate or inspire. You choose your path and we provide the oils to encourage your experience. Guided Yoga Practice plus a Mini Intro to Essential Oils Class.

* Take home your choice of Yoga Mat Spray or Meditation Roller Ball Blend

See a class you want to attend but the date doesn't work for you?

Get in touch with us with a quick email here, and we will be in touch when we run that class again. Our goal is to make these classes simple and accessible to all. We will also travel to teach if you're outside of the Niagara Region. Our passion is to share, without limitation by geographical boundaries.

Mel, xo

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* All statements are my own, not endorsed by any organization or institution.

** Please take care to note: I'm not a health care practitioner. I'm simply sharing the experiences and results I've had on my personal, natural health and healing journey. You should always consult a trusted health care practitioner for advice specific to your body, well being, and needs.

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