All-Natural Sunscreen, the Easiest DIY Ever

☀️ Natural Sunscreen is on err body’s mind right now. And honestly, this DIY couldn’t be easier. This is coming from a gal who would rather buy her natural products even though she knows exactly how to make them. But rest assured, I do make them a few times and try them out,as well as research the ingredients and methods thoroughly, because I want to be able to share the goods from a place of knowledge, not hearsay.


Get yourself some natural lotion. And hey, be wise to ‘greenwashing'. That's where companies try to make us think the product is natural with sneaky labeling. They can actually use words like 'all natural ingredients' or '100% natural' without being natural. "How?!" You ask, and rightly so. Well, because there is no regulation in the industry, as with many. It's ridonk. Just use the the Think Dirty app to be sure 😉👍🏼

If you want to make sunscreen for your bod, pick a body lotion. If you want to make sunscreen for your face, pick your fave lightweight, natural face lotion.


Mix up your lotion with some lovely, white, non-nano zinc oxide. Non-nano means the particles are large enough to sit on top of your skin, instead of absorbing in (which is what provides our beloved Sun Protection Factor, or SPF). Amazon has what you need. Use 1/2 cup lotion to 1 Tablespoon of zinc oxide for a minimum of 20 SPF. Double the zinc to double The SPF. Thus, 2 Tablespoons of Zinc with a half cup of lotion, equals approx 40 SPF. In my personal experience, as a rather fair skinned gal who burns easily, I find the SPF is higher than noted, but always better to air on the safer side of things.


This is optional, but so yummy! Add some dōTERRA essential oils for yumminess. Why dōTERRA? Great question! Here is my answer.

My fave essential oils to use? Lavender, Peppermint, Helichrysum ($$) and/or Spearmint. Ooooooh yum! Peppermint is amazing morning or mid-day because it cools you down as you apply. Heck yeah!

Essential oils to AVOID: All citrus oils, sweetheart! Citrus oils can increase our photo sensitivity (ie sensitivity to the sun). So they are not good choices for sunscreen.

There’s a lot of nonsense spread around that essential oils have an SPF on their own. Now that’s balogna I have not been able to find any actual evidence for. If you have some scientific evidence for that claim, link a sister up!

From my perspective, the appropriate thing to say would be that there are essential oils which protect our skin from sun damage by supplying it with compounds that reduce sensitivity to the sun. That’s not the same as SPF, okie?

ENJOY THE SUN 🌞 ** Remember to re-apply after water exposure, and every 2-3 hrs on kids **

PRO TIP: Be prepared to mix that zinc up for a bit to get all the little lumps out. Work it sister! 💃🏻


+ 1 cup (8oz.) natural body lotion

+ 2 tablespoons non-nano zinc oxide

+ dōTERRA essential oils (optional but amazing!)

+ silicone squishy bottle (dollar store = $, Amazon = $$$)


Combine ingredients in a glass bowl and mix it until your zinc is fully blended. Use your fingers to pinch out the tiny spots of zinc if necessary. Load up your mixture into your squishy bottle. Use as needed, and always re-apply every 2-3 hours as well as after water exposure - it ain't waterproof!!

Mel, xo

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