How to Use: Pink Pepper, Green Mandarin, Star Anise

Use Star Anise topically, aromatically, or internally. Always remember to adhere to proper safety precautions, and never ingest any oils that aren't specifically recommended for internal consumption.

With it's spicy, sweet aroma layered with a delicate licorice aroma, doTERRA's STAR ANISE comes from an evergreen tree indigenous to South East Asia.

🧡 add 1-2 drops in a warm cup of tea to support digestion 🧡 dilute with FCO and apply to sore or tense areas to sooth and relax the muscles 🧡 take 2 drops in a capsule to create relaxation from within 🧡 blend with floral or wood for a grounding, and emotionally balancing experience

Pink peppercorns are closely related to cashews! Who would guess? doTERRA's Pink Pepper is exclusively sourced from Peru and Kenya, empowering native farmers there to become completely financially secure, with beyond fair trade compensation as well as year-round compensation (a big deal in this industry!).

The 'molle' tree it comes from was a sacred tree to the ancient Incans. Indigenous populations used all parts of the tree for herbal solutions to health needs.

❤️ spicy, fruity and slightly woody

❤️ take in a capsule to calm and sooth nervous system

❤️ diffuse or inhale form palms to experience alertness

❤️ blend with citrus oils to create an invigorating vibe

❤️ mix a few drops with FCO and massage into stiff areas

Green Mandarin comes from the unripened fruit of the Mandarin tree, and has unusual chemistry for a citrus oil. Citrus oils like Tangerine, Grapefruit and Wild Orange are 95% limonene - a constituent that has been shown to support cleansing within the body.

doTERRA's Green Mandarin has a unique chemistry, in that it also has gamma-terpinene, which, in combination with the limonene works synergistically to decrease neuronal excitability. Try it on your sore, tense muscles.

💚 utilize in cooking or canning as a natural food preservative!

💚 dilute in a spray bottle to clean surfaces in the kitchen

💚 take internally to soothe nervous system

💚 add a drop to toothpaste or mouth wash to support healthy teeth

💚 take 1-2 drops in a capsule to support optimal immune function + response

💚 diffuse with Basil, Sandalwood, Lavender or Spearmint for positive vibes

Mel, xo

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* All statements are my own, not endorsed by any organization or institution.

** Please take care to note: I'm not a health care practitioner. I'm simply sharing the experiences and results I've had on my personal, natural health and healing journey. You should always consult a trusted health care practitioner for advice specific to your body, well being, and needs.

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