Internal Use of Essential Oils: Safe?

If there's an essential oil application method subject to controversy, it's internal use. Although common in Europe, this practice in not widely adopted by practitioners in North America. Knowledge and training on the topic are sparse, and this leads to a lack of understanding.

The bottom line is: if you don't feel comfortable using essential oils internally, don't do it. Your internal compass should trump outside influences.

If you're curious or undecided, here is some information that may help you understand the topic more thoroughly.

Experts Weigh-In On Internal Use

Two world-renowned essential oil experts, Dr. Robert Tisserand, and Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, both provide clear information on this topic. Below are brief summaries of their publications.

Dr. Tisserand is often misquoted and taken out of context. In an interview transcript published on his own website, he says:

"I have never said you should not ingest essential oils. I have not said people should not ingest essential oils; I don’t believe it’s an absolute no-no. What I do believe is that you need to know what you’re doing. You need to know why you’re doing it; what dose you are taking; how long you are going to be taking it for; what the reason is."

"If you’re talking about very small amounts as you would use in food flavors – if we’re talking about one or two drops a day – that’s fine, that is OK, but if you’re taking a therapeutic dose of essential oils, if you’re taking 10 drops, 20 drops a day just because somebody told you it was a good idea, it’s not a good idea."

There you have it. Please, stop misquoting him, internet.

Although Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt has minimal information on his website, He has published an incredible series of books on the therapeutic and medical use of essential oils.

One of my favourites, The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils, discusses the evolution of liver detoxification enzymes:

"Essential oil components were among the native triggers for the evolution of these enzymes. This illustrates how essential oils, with some notable exceptions, are not only non toxic but instead have unrivaled potential to induce the removal of foreign substances (such as pharmaceuticals or synthetic chemicals) from the human organism.

It is ironic that our body would not even be able to break down and remove pharmaceuticals were it not for enzymes that evolved in response to essential oils and other secondary metabolites.

Mammalian organisms have had this entire time frame [100 million years] to become adjusted to and interact with the molecules of the plant world. The purportedly much safer pharmaceuticals generally are no older than 50 years. On an evolutionary time scale these synthetic drugs do not even register."

As Schnaubelt explains, the entire reason we have enzymes in our liver that can detox not only essential oils, but pharmaceuticals - the vast majority of which are based on plant compounds, which have been loaded with synthetic compounds and fillers in order to patent them and make a zillion dollars.

Can we let bygones be bygones now?

Again, it is worth repeating: if you don't feel comfortable using essential oils internally, please don't.

But if you feel comfortale with and drawn to this method, look beyond the scare tactics, and trust your intuition. Know that there are millions of doTERRA users who feel the same, and practice safe, limited daily internal use, including myself.

eMail questions and comments to me here.

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Mel, xo

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