Hair Care for CURLY Hair. Naturally!

Curly, yet fine, and pretty dry (ie frizzy) hair. Every woman's dream! Right?

Having never been the kind of girl to read through fashion magazines, browse the shopping malls, or pay any attention to my hair and makeup whatsoever, my learning curve on fashion and beauty has been steep. And I'm still such a newb. I'd live in Sweet Legs every day of my life if I could get away with it. (And I try.)

Thankfully, I've evolved since the high school version of myself who wanted nothing to do with makeup. When I began working from home, it was so EASY not to have to spend an hour or so primping and preening in the morning. But now that I'm not forced to do it, getting dressed up feels fun and special, because I am not feeling pressured by external circumstances to hide my imperfections daily. Talk about reverse psychology-ing myself.

There's no question that mastering clear skin, naturally, played a role in feeling totally confident to rock a bare face. You can read more about the ever-evolving journey and it's lessons here.

After probably 20 years of struggle, I finally figured it out! I can't even count how many different gels, mousses, hair sprays, conditioners, shampoos, hair care kits, and serums I've tried throughout my life. It feels like all of them. I just couldn't seem to find anything that kept my hair from being frizzy, yet didn't weigh it down completely.

When I started using Moroccan Oil things began to change. (I had already been on the natural health journey for a decade or so at this point). I was starting to incorporate more natural products into every aspect of my life. My medicine cabinet was completely natural, my personal care products were pretty natural, and my cleaning products were totally natural.

I was in a salon one day, looking to replace my Moroccan Oil. The girl working there told me Moroccan Oil had a bunch of silicones in it, which weren't natural and lead to more build up on the hair. She suggested I try Incan Oil, which was very similar to Moroccan Oil, she said, except it had far fewer silicones. Still some, but not as much. Sure, more natural was better. I bought it. Then I got to thinking... If Argan Oil was the main ingredient in both of these products, which seemed to be working well for my hair type, why didn't I just try pure Agran Oil? That would eliminate all synthetics, all silicones, and would help me get closer to my goal of adding another all natural product to my collection.

Ordering my pure, organic Argan Oil on Amazon the first time was expensive. It was about $50 for a small-medium size jar. Seems like a lot of money, but you only use a quarter size drop on your hair tips, so it lasted me almost two months. At $25 a month, that's not a bad investment to have healthy, frizz-controlled yet voluminous and manageable hair. And it was the only product I needed to manage & control my curls all day.

Over the years I've continued to refine my hair-care routine to one that is 100% natural. No chemicals what-so-ever in my hair. You can use anything from raw honey + essential oils, to the other product line I came to love, The Morocco Method. If you go the completely natural route, you have to be committed. According to the Morocco Method, it takes about 2 months for your hair to detox from the lifetime of chemical buildup we subject it to. But, it's totally worth it! I'm happy to share my tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Morocco Method shampoos. They are a bit tricky and take some getting used to (when you go COMPLETELY natural - your soaps don't foam!).

I recorded this video because I know lots of us are visual learners :)

My daily hair care routine now consists of washing, adding a dollop of organic Argan Oil to my hands + a drop of Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil, dabbing a tiny bit all over my face for a beautiful and natural moisturizer, then using the rest on the bottom half of my hair. So simple! Once I've worked the Argan and Sandalwood through my hair and massaged my face, I take a few minutes and inhale deeply the smell from the Sandalwood, half a dozen times (basically until I can't smell it anymore). Even after using this essential oil for months, I'm still completely enthralled with the smell. It's absolutely heavenly! I love that I'm also getting therapeutic aromatic benefits from this essential oil during my super quick hair routine.

Over time I've been able to find less expensive sources for Organic Argan Oil. I love Divine Essence's Carrier Oils. They're a Canadian company and fairly priced.

I've never been happier with my hair, or my hair care routine.

How has your hair care journey changed over the years? What are your favourite 100% natural products? Do you have any tips or tricks for curly hair? I'd love to hear your story.

Mel, xo

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