Siberian Fir + Cassia Diffuser Blends

With all the BOGO excitement, it's hard to believe we have time to do anything else this week. Yet part of what I LOVE to do, is create beautiful, informative graphics to help my community learn about the benefits of the oils we're using, and our Buy One Get One free weeks are such a great time to do this.

I scoured the internet to find the dōTERRA diffuser blends using both Siberian Fir AND Cassia, and I wasn't surprised to find there are many! Some of them, my own friends and cross-line leader, Jen Wrixon @oilsimple even created herself!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, and please feel welcome to share!

Siberian Fir diffuser blends doTERRA

Aromatic use of essential oils, ie using them in a diffuser, is one of the best ways to receive sustained support from the therapeutic compounds in dōTERRA essential oils, especially when it comes to helping us feel more positive emotions on the days when we're having difficulties doing so ;)

When we inhale a real essential oil, our brain responds with positive changes within 15 seconds! Hard to beat that.

If you're interested in learning more about what sets dōTERRA apart from other essential oils, read the recent work by researchers at Roseman University. They started studying essential oils from dozens of companies, high-end included, and when they discovered only dōTERRA oils were demonstrating significant therapeutic effects, they contacted Dr Hill and shared their results. Pretty amazing story, and, it simply confirms what we've felt and known intuitively all along.

If you need help getting started on your dōTERRA journey, learn more about how to join forces with me, right here.

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