Do your homework.

Pretty much every EO company on the market today is claiming that they have "100% pure essential oil". In reality, only 3 of the top 8 brands even claim they perform tests. You can learn more about essential oil adulteration from the  Aromatic Plant Research Center (APRC).

Of the 3 that claim they do testing, two companies state that they do GC/MS (the basic standard). Unfortunately, this test isn't enough anymore. Technology is so good, there are now synthetics that look the same as the real deal on a GC/MS assay. I know. It's crazy. That's why it takes a true essential oil expert, with vast knowledge, and a vast database, to analyze the results. With each unique and truly pure essential oil having anywhere from 17 to 170 components within it, it takes more than a YouTube degree to understand what's going on with each oil, and what the normal ranges and standards are. The experts on this subject have DECADES of experience working with essential oil chemistry. Trust them, and use your own wits.

I want a company that guarantees their purity, potency, and consistency, and I want them to clearly & explicitly state every test they perform, on every batch, every time, with no exceptions. To me, that indicates the company walks the walk, and doesn't just 'talk the talk'.

How can I be 100% certain I'm getting 100% real essential oils?

I also appreciate when a company goes well beyond basic, industry standard tests. Performing a multitude of tests at every stage of the process - immediately following distillation, prior to bottling, and prior to sealing for market distribution - and making the independent test results available online, shows me they are serious above proving themselves.


The company should be able to guarantee the quality of the oils they represent.

They should be able to transparently answer ANY + ALL of your questions about

quality, sourcing and testing.

An attempt to dismiss any of these important areas is a red flag.


You might ask why all companies don't complete rigorous testing?? Two reasons: One, because its very expensive. Two, because there is no regulation in this industry.  Thus, at least 80% of the suppliers rely on here-say, if anything, to monitor their product line. The only way to be sure is to do in-house as well as 3rd party testing on every single batch, every time, with no exceptions. When only random samples are conducted, even reputedly high quality companies get caught red handed.



When we're using essential oils for their therapeutic effects, we expect to see results. The only way to guarantee that is to ensure that the company we purchase from is keenly aware of the entire chemistry of their oils, at the molecular level.

Check out Source to You to see what groundbreaking measures are being taken to provide the highest quality oils in the world. There's an option to search a bottle's lot number to ascertain the 3rd party testing and much more information about the oil, right at our fingertips. This process sets the bar far beyond anyone's reach, and this tool with further increase that transparency and accessibility.

Say it with Mel:

The quality of the essential oils I use

will be DIRECTLY related to the results that I have.

The quality of the essential oils you use will directly reflect the results you have. If you have used essential oils in the past, and they haven't wowed you, it's likely because the quality of the oil was lacking. If you had the highest quality oils, for sure, and it still didn't work, try another oil. Oils do work, and if you know you've got a high quality oil then it's just a matter of figuring out what works best with your personal chemistry.


Unfortunately, the oils we find on the shelves in health food stores, big box stores, and drug stores, are simply not quality essential oils. This is a guarantee. They are all diluted and/or cut with synthetics, sometimes purposely, other times just ignorantly, because selling oils on that old familiar model, means someone is out to maximize their profits. And as we know, that's what the vast majority of companies care about. It's time we vote with our wallets. Choose wisely, invest wisely. Your health is worth it.

It takes time to learn the ropes with essential oils. That's why I took the time to educate myself and learn as much as I could from independent publications (books :).  There are a few articles permeating the internet now that speak negatively about oils from direct sales, 'mlm' or network marketing companies. The claim their oil prices are inflated to compensate the people who share and sell them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Direct sales companies don't have any overhead, hourly employees, benefits, or public advertisements to pay for. They work solely on word-of-mouth, which is still the best form of advertising. Like an amazing restaurant, when you love something, you naturally want to tell others about it. That's how most people become inspired to share essential oils. Which means, these companies can reallocate what would be their sales & marketing budgets and reinvest it back into their Wellness Advocates, compensating them for their efforts. Same funds, allocated differently. Plus, you have a relationship with the person who is providing you with the oils, and if they're doing a good job, they're educating you on how to use your oils, safely and effectively. They're there to support you when you need it.

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